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Daqing Petrochemical Fine Chemicals advanced to high-end

HC Chemical Network News: Daqing Petrochemical strengthens the drive of technological innovation, accelerates the pace of product structure adjustment, and continues to develop high-performance, high-quality new products. As of August 22, Daqing Petrochemical Company Plastic Factory linear device smoothly produced 7,200 tons of new DQDN3711 polyethylene products.

    Since the beginning of the year, Daqing Petrochemical has cumulatively produced more than 260,000 tons of new plastic products, which has an efficiency increase of more than 40 million yuan compared with conventional brands. This is a new bright spot for Daqing Petrochemical to continuously deepen reforms and strengthen management innovation.

    Earlier this year, the chemical product market picked up and the profitability space continued to improve. Daqing Petrochemical Co., Ltd seized the favorable opportunity to resume the production of the ethylene cracker that had been out of service for 5 years. Three sets of ethylene equipments were optimized and the ethylene production was increased to about 3,250 tons per day. The production of ethylene was 1.1 million tons and the profit was 3 billion yuan. A solid foundation has been laid for the realization of work goals, and the advantages of industrial scale have been fully released, which has produced a huge pulling effect for the downstream industries.

    As the first domestic "large-scale ethylene technology domestic production process package design" project, Daqing Petrochemical's 600,000-ton/year ethylene plant's comprehensive energy consumption, diene yield, and cracking furnace thermal efficiency are all internationally advanced levels. Since the plant was put into operation, it has produced more than 14 million tons of ethylene, and its ethylene production is close to one-fifth of China’s total oil production.

    Daqing Petrochemical aims at increasing revenue and creating profitable targets, giving full play to the advantages of refining and chemical integration, optimizing the structure of chemical raw materials through the expansion of internal and external raw material resources, ensuring that high-quality ethylene crackers “eat and drink” and ensuring long-term economic stable operation of the devices. In the first half of this year, the amount of raw materials entering the factory exceeds the plan of 18,000 tons, which effectively ensures the demand for raw materials for three sets of ethylene operations, and the production of ethylene, propylene, butadiene, and MTBE has reached the highest level in history. Chemicals realized a book profit of 886 million yuan, which was more than 36 million yuan over the budgeted progress.

    Adequate ethylene "leading" raw materials have created conditions for the extension, agglomeration and value-added of the downstream chemical industry chain. Daqing Petrochemical focuses on long-term development, and actively promotes the secondary auxiliary facilities for 10 million tons of oil refining and multivariate optimization projects for chemical raw materials, and regards the development of high-end new products in the ethylene downstream industry as one of the important ways to increase the total volume of products and promote the growth of benefits. New product development efforts.

    In the planned production schedule, Daqing Petrochemical actively cooperated with sales companies in major regions, optimized the product brand according to market demand, and achieved structural benefits. In the structure of polyethylene products, the production of high-efficiency products will increase efficiency by 2.59 million yuan. In addition, new products such as metallocenes have achieved smooth production and the overall efficiency of the chemical industry has been improved.

    As the first scientific research base for producing 500 tons of acrylic new products in China, Daqing Petrochemical continuously increased its ability to accelerate the research and innovation of new acrylic products, and completed the project development of 3.33 dtex flat fiber and ultra high shrinkage fiber. Up to now, the company has completed the development and production of new products for 1.2 denier acrylic fiber.

    CTB-002 fiber is a new type of fiber developed by Daqing Petrochemical in accordance with market demand. It has the characteristics of ultra-fine, soft and anti-pilling and has a large profit margin. Since this year, Daqing Petrochemical has succeeded in amplifying 305 tons of CTB-002 new products. After analysis and analysis of the products, all the indicators have reached the expected requirements and are shipped to the target markets of Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

    At the beginning of this year, SAN resin devices successfully produced qualified products, achieving Daqing Petrochemical's high-nitrile SAN and sheet ABS resins spanning from scratch. As the main project of the group company's major on-site test project, "High-nitrite SAN and sheet ABS resin industrialization experiment", the SAN resin device was transformed from the original shutdown polystyrene plant, with an annual production capacity of 20,000 tons. Sheet ABS resin is widely used in the production of electric fans, refrigerator crisper and electric meter housing, etc., and has become a new benefit growth point.

Editor: Ye Dan


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